OneIce Group

Introducing OneIce Group

OneIce Group is the leading ice sports group in Israel, dedicated to promote these sports in Israel, through venues, academies and education.

We operate several initiatives in Israel:

OneIce Arena (Opening Soon)

The new ice arena is the most modern and advanced arena in Israel. The arena will be opened soon and will feature one NHL size and another smaller hockey rinks. The Arena is located 10 minutes from Netanya and approximately 30 min from Tel Aviv. It will be the home for our academies and will provides skaters, hockey players and everyone else with a highly professional ice rink.

OneIce Hockey Academy

After almost 25 years of operating an Inline Hockey Academy, we finally have a new icy home in One Ice Arena. As a result we can focus, almost solely, on Ice Hockey.
We are operating professional hockey classes for kids, starting at pre-elementary school, looking to grow a new generation of talented Israeli players. Few of the Academy alumni found their way to professional hockey schools in Canada and other places,  and as a result, some are already paving their way to the worlds' best professional hockey leagues.

OneIce Figure Skating Academy

A professional Figure Skating Academy, focusing on bringing up a new generation of skaters which will compete in world class events, as well as a large body of skaters around israel.

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